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In-Depth Analytics
In-Depth Analytics

360° Risk Assessment

Get a comprehensive overview with multi-account analysis, income verification, spend analysis, and cross-document reconciliation. Leverage over 500 data points to build an accurate profile of your borrowers’ financial health

Early Warning Signals

Verify document authenticity and detect tampering with our document fingerprinting engine. Spot fraudulent income infusion, cheque bounces and other key anomalies across transactions and bank accounts.

Powered by AI

Convert documents → data

Identify & extract key account & transaction-level data from electronic or scanned bank statements across 1000+ Indian and global financial institutions.

Smart Validation

Automatically perform checks and validations for data sufficiency & vintage. Ensure that the input documents meet your criteria with our intelligent validation engine.

Bridge the gap: Physical → Digital
Bridge the gap: Physical → Digital

In-built OCR

Our advanced OCR engine can extract data from scanned bank statements, passbooks, canceled cheques or even JPEG/PNG images captured from smartphones

Account Aggregator

Integrate with the top account aggregators to obtain bank statements, investments, deposits & GST returns through secure and consent-driven journeys.

Personalized for your Business

Get off the ground quickly

Choose from our pre-built templates and reports designed for retail, SME, home, auto, and over 20 other loans & financial products.

Optimize for ROI

Collaborate with our in-house finance & data science experts to bring your vision to life and stay ahead of the competition.

10M +

documents processed

3B +

Insights Generated

1.2M +

Man hours saved

Key metrics & insights at your fingertips

Detect income-related transactions such as salary, dividends, deposits & other miscellaneous sources.

Smart categorization provides a comprehensive analysis of your borrowers’ expenses, EMIs & spending habits.

Identify and consolidate related-party transactions and key financial ratios across multiple bank accounts.

Cross-validate and reconcile bank statements with credit bureau reports, payslips, IT & GST returns and other auxiliary documents.

Feed documents seamlessly into GLIB through our easy-to-use APIs, and within just 20 seconds generate a comprehensive report tailored to your preferred output format – Excel, JSON, PDFs, or XML

Get Hands-On Experience with the Future of Document Processing