Financial Statement Analyzer

Evaluate financial statements of SMEs and corporates for credit rating, compliance and risk assessment.


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Automate Financial Spreading
Automate Financial Spreading

Extract chart-of-accounts

Extract and categorize assets/liabilities, income/expenses, cash flow and automatically derive important financial ratios.

Robust and Scalable

Built to handle diverse use cases – annual or quarterly reports, scanned or digital PDFs and multiple accounting standards including IndAS, GAAP, IFRS, etc.

Improved productivity

Faster turnaround time

Reduce data entry errors and response times by at least 60% with our intelligent mapping and categorization engine.

Standardization → Consistency

Eliminate human bias and subjectivity with a centralized knowledge base, automatic validations and quality checks.

How GLIB Works

Key metrics & insights at your fingertips

Advanced image processing and machine learning to identify and extract key financial tables

Multi-level mapping & categorization based on historical data, geography, and accounting principles. Auto-detect currency units, financial years, and other relevant parameters for normalization.

Bring your own rules or use our in-built checks to verify and validate the authenticity of reported transactions.

Generate customized reports in JSON or Excel, and integrate it directly into your workflows via APIs and Webhooks.

Get Hands-On Experience with the Future of Document Processing